Summer 2020 Alumni-Only Season

Thank you for visiting Boise Galloway Training. Registration is now closed for our Summer 2020 Alumni-Only Season. Around mid-October, we will open registration for our Alumni-Only Off-Season which will start in mid-November.

The pandemic has changed so many things in our lives and Boise Galloway Training is no different. We had to cancel our Winter season back in March, and we recognize how difficult it has been for for everyone on many different levels.

Following the guidelines of the City of Boise and Central District Health (as well as good old common sense), we have modified our training. What hasn’t changed is the support you know and love will still be there!

Here are the modifications we will be implementing:

  1. FACE MASKS WILL BE REQUIRED during all group runs. This will keep you and your group members safe.
  2. Group members will maintain a 6 foot distance from each other at all times. Even with face masks, this is required. (Studies have shown that runners without masks should keep a 20 foot distance.)
  3. Groups will be smaller, 6-7 at most. With smaller groups, even at 6 feet apart, conversation will still be easy!
  4. Because we can’t meet in large groups, we are asking members to complete their Magic Mile and submit their time prior to Kickoff on July 8 (via Zoom). That way, groups will be formed by our first day of training!
  5. If you prefer to run maskless, you have the option of joining the group virtually. You will receive my weekly email, the routes for the training, and helpful tips and coaching advice. We will also have a weekly Zoom meeting for our virtual members to keep you

If you are a Boise Galloway Training Alumni and would like to register for our Summer 2020 season, please contact Louise at boisegalloway@gmail.com or 208-570-3682 to receive the password to register.