We are excited to announce our new season of Boise Galloway 10k or Half Marathon Training is right around the corner! Our new season begins March 27, with our Kickoff via Zoom on March 24. You can train for our own Boise Galloway 10k on June 19 (12 week training), or stick around another 6 weeks for the Fit for Life 10k or Half Marathon on July 17.

The pandemic has changed so many things in our lives and Boise Galloway Training is no different. At least for the entirety of this new season, we will still be requiring masks to be worn throughout our group training; we’ll keep our groups to no more than 10; and we will continue to distance ourselves so everyone is safe.

These rules are non-negotiable!

Other adjustments: Our Kickoff event and our clinics, including our injury prevention and nutrition clinics, will all be on Zoom. The upside is that more people will be able to participate in these important information sessions!

Please contact Program Director Louise Seeley at boisegalloway@gmail.com for more information.