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Welcome to Boise Galloway

Run / Walk / Run!

Are you interested in a proven program to get (or stay) in shape and meet your running goals? If so, the Boise Galloway Run / Walk / Run Training Group is for you!

We welcome athletes of all shapes, sizes, ages, and abilities and follow Olympian Jeff Galloway’s Run / Walk / Run approach to minimize injuries and maximize enjoyment. You can get fit, improve your endurance, get faster, make new friends — and cross the finish line with a smile on your face!

How it works:

All members run together Saturday mornings in designated pace groups of 5 – 12 people based on individual Magic Mile times. Each group is led by an experienced Pace Group Leader because running together is motivating and fun! And with the Boise Galloway Run / Walk / Run Training Group no one ever runs alone. The season wraps up with athletes participating in their target 10k or Half Marathon race.


  • The structured training program and detailed schedule helps you meet your 10K or half marathon race goal
  • Weekly, coached group runs provide support, camaraderie, fitness … and fun!
  • The Galloway Training Program e-book by Jeff Galloway is a comprehensive training book for ongoing reference
  • Easy access to local expert partners helps you with gear selection, nutrition info, and additional fitness activities
  • Access to member-only Facebook page strengthens our current and alumni community

See the FAQs for more information on how the program can work for you!


Contact Randi Braunwalder, Program Director, at for more information. You are always welcome to take a ‘test run/walk/run’ with us, just send an email to

This program has enriched my life in so many wonderful ways. When I joined Galloway I couldn’t run down the block and by the end of the season I ran a half marathon. With the running, my overall health and wellness were greatly enhanced, but something bigger and unexpected happened. I found myself in the middle of an incredible community full of supporters who helped me reach my running goals. Support came from runners of all levels, fast and slow, young and old, who were ready with advice, encouragement when needed, and a lot of good conversation and jokes as the miles passed by. I have met fabulous people and have made amazing friends over the past 3 years. Priceless, all of it.
Wendi Z.
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