This training has allowed me not only to run races I never thought I’d be able to run, but also to make new, wonderful friends and to commit to training and fitness goals and have fun while at it. Louise is THE BEST trainer and director one could ever dream of, and she always makes sure that everything runs smoothly. Season after season, I’m always learning something new from her that helps with my training. I’m very, very happy to be part of the Galloway group. – Diana A.


I never truly thought I could be a runner, and before Boise Galloway a 5K had been my biggest athletic achievement (taking me almost a year to achieve by myself). Within a year of joining Boise Galloway, not only did I run my first 10K, but TWO Half Marathons. I love the Galloway method, and I love the motivation that running with a group provides. – Holly S.


I look forward to participating each season with the Galloway group. It’s motivating, encouraging, and just a great group overall. No egos to worry about, just good people looking to get outside and have a good time running together. – Josh C.

 Galloway has been great – I’ve learned that accountability is a huge motivator for me.  I know that people are expecting me, so I make sure to show up.  Pace groups and the distraction of such wonderful & entertaining people REALLY helps a long run pass quickly!  The sharing of tips and tricks that I learn along the way has also helped me to spot and avoid problems that before would have given me an excuse to quit. – Anne M.


The encouragement and camaraderie helped me get the long miles.  The friendships I formed during the training have carried into my life outside of the program.  After my marathons I was tired, not sore.  The long slow distance training and the intervals were key to my completion of the marathons. – Janice C.


I ran for 6 years by myself before joining the Boise Galloway group. I was hesitant to join a group for a myriad of reasons. After two seasons with Boise Galloway, I’m sad it took me so many years to join. I’ve loved every minute of training with the group. I’ve met some of the nicest people through our training runs. I joined after the birth of my daughter and the varying pace groups met my running needs as I got back into shape. – Heather E.


Life changing! Boise Galloway gives me the opportunity to do something for myself each week – a weekly appointment to spend time outdoors with a great group of people! – Karen B.

The walk/run method has felt amazing. I recover faster than ever. With the interval program, I was able to run two marathons three weeks apart feeling fresh and strong for both races!! The coaching from Louise is motivating and fun. I can’t get enough of the camaraderie of running with this group. I wish everyone would try this program out!! – Shana C.


After running for more than 20 years (mostly alone) the experience of running with the Galloway group has been a nice addition and change of pace. The new friendships and accountability that is created are the two differences that I have seen between running alone and running with the Galloway group. Plus the time just seems to fly right by… – Darin H. (Boston qualifier)


I was never a runner. I hated running in PE and dreaded our mile runs. I remembered my best friend had been a Galloway member – I remember thinking she was crazy for getting up early on Saturdays and actually seemed to enjoy it. I joined Galloway and successfully ran my first 10k . . . and kept right on running. I love the feeling of accomplishment when I’m able to complete a goal, and I love the camaraderie and support that Galloway provides. I’m now training for a marathon! – Colette D.