What is Galloway Training?

2 runners holding a sign that says Your Race, Your Pace.

Boise Galloway Training is the only official Jeff Galloway training program in Idaho. Since Boise Galloway began in July 2012, we have helped hundreds of people reach their goals. We equip you with training, knowledge and experience for you to meet your fitness objectives.

Our program is for athletes of all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities. We follow Jeff Galloway’s Run/Walk/Run™ method, which decreases injuries and increases enjoyment. During our group training, we only do run/walk intervals, but you are free to run-only during your mid-week training.

We start each season by completing a Magic Mile. The Magic Mile is a timed mile that tells us your current ability and helps us determine which group you will train with. In our training, you always train with a group — no one is ever alone!

We meet every Saturday morning and you will join your group for the distance that day. The time will depend on the distance for the day and what your group’s pace is.

With your Boise Galloway membership, you’ll receive: 

  • Group support for training
  • A training schedule that tells you what to do every day during your season
  • Expert coaching advice
  • Professional speakers on nutrition, injury prevention, and running shoes and gear
  • Jeff Galloway’s eBook
  • Galloway shirt
  • Pace Group Leaders with a passion for helping others realize their potential and fitness goals
  • Direct access to Jeff Galloway
  • Access to over 50 programs nationally so you can train when you travel
  • Weekly email with training and nutrition tips
  • Discounts from local professionals and retail stores