Upcoming Events

August 6:  Nutrition Clinic (after a short run)

September 17:  Idaho Running Day Race; use Galloway22 for 20% discount. (5k or 10k recommended for our group, given our training calendar / schedule.)  

September 24:  FitOne Race! Consider running it for your training that day! 

October 2:  Sue B Memorial Run to raise awareness of domestic violence / sexual assault. Consider running / walking it as part of your training and to support the Women’s & Children’s Alliance

October 23:  BOISE 10k RACE! This is the target race for our 10k-ers in the 16-week program. Consider running it alongside your friends, or cheer them on along the race or at the finish line! 

November 19:  Boise Galloway Charity Run to benefit the Idaho Food Bank!